Falling in Love Again

In December 2008, Portland was treated to the biggest snow storm in 30 years. Depending on who you asked it was between 16-24 inches. It was a great time to stay inside except I had accepted a job for Portland Monthly Magazine shooting 5 vintage movie theatre marquees. This had to be shot at dusk or later. I had a hard time getting myself out there to shoot. The house was warm. I wasn’t working with an assistant which made it easier to procrastinate, no one out there waiting for me to show up. So I put it off a few times. And a few more. By now the snow had stopped and it was melting. So I found my way to the Bagdad Theatre on Hawthorne, sort of like Portland’s Bleeker Street. I parked and got out my cameras and tripod. When I found the POV I wanted, the tripod was just off the curb in a slushy puddle, as¬†were my Doc Martens. It wasn’t very cold, but very damp. I had been given little instruction by Hector Sanchez, the Creative Director at the time. Just told to do something unorthodox. So there I was, out in the falling light, shooting the theatre and something happened. I fell in love again. I realized that when I was looking through the camera, I was totally happy. The world went away. It was just fun. Unfortunately Hector hated all the photos, and the story was “demoted” to the web pages. I actually don’t know if it ever ran or not. I know that I realized I am happiest when I’m looking through a camera.

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