The 21st Century

Hello from Portland

So I’m entering the 21st century…I now will be blogging. Stories from the past. Stories from the present. Speculation about the future. Whatever seems fun, whatever seems relevant, and sometimes, whatever I just feel like saying.

Actually I’ve sorta been blogging via Instagram. As I get more and more into it, I like it less and less. To me it should just be about vision. Low fidelity vision. Take it with your iPhone and post. No stupid filters to make the mundane interesting, just what you see. No images from your library, Photoshopped beyond belief. No images that make you think you are now living on Neptune. And most of all, no inane comments from inane people. Most of the comments are just ego strokes. “Beautiful”, “wonderful”, and my favorite “amazing!!!”. Does anyone remember what amazing really means? I am amazed when I look up at the night sky, not some cute photo of someone’s cat. And, I LOVE cats. Don’t comment on my photos. If you like them, understand them, or resonate with them…then “like” them. That’s enough. I like to follow Daniel Root, Cirof, Laura Jennings,and Hornbecker on Instagram. Their photos are no bullshit.

I have the same trouble with Flickr and Tumbler. I’m not even sure how they are spelled. To me, they are just a place to be stroked. Same comments apply. Do you need justification of your work by people you don’t know?  People who may have absolutely horrible taste, or just want you to stroke them back? Years ago, Lloyd Ziff told me “there is no such thing as good taste. But there is bad taste.”I recently heard about a Master’s of Photography thesis where the candidate put his work on one of these sites and then edited by choosing the one’s that got the most positive feedback. In my old-fashioned mind I thought that was ludicrous, just ridiculous. I know when my work is good and when it isn’t. I’ve always been my best critic and I believe in myself.

So as you can see, I’m entering the 21st century…but sort of kicking and screaming. I’ve never been easy, so don’t expect it here!

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